What is a Walk & Talk for Justice?

In this season of committing to Jesus’  way of peace, we need to embody our commitment. It’s easy to tune in on YouTube or Zoom and watch passively, but — as we’re able — we want to make a physical commitment to walk out our curiosity, interest, and adoption of Jesus’ way of nonviolence. Join our community as we take weekly walks throughout New Haven with a goal of covering 54 miles, the same length that was covered in the historic Selma to Montgomery march. We’ll start on MLK Day — Monday, January 18th. We’ll continue until the week of Lent. Walks will be around two miles in length and will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and on the weekend.

Times & Locations for our Walk & Talks

Mondays | noon – Dixwell @  100 Goffe St

Tuesdays | 4pm – Newhallville @ 13 Shelton Ave.

Thursdays | 8am – Edgewood Gazebo (across the street from Manjares)

Saturdays | 2pm – West Rock (small parking lot at the corner of Hard & Stone Streets)

We have currently walked 46 miles out of 54! This is our last week!

Each walk will be around two miles and will start and end in the same location. Stay tuned for info about one-off walks sponsored by various groups at ECV and co-sponsored with folks around our city.

W&T4J Resource: Quote and Prayer of the Week

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: And God grant that we shall choose the high way, even if will mean assassination, even if it will mean crucifixion, for by going this way we will discover that death would be only the beginning of our influence. – MLK, “Palm Sunday Sermon on Monhandas Ghandi” 1959


“And God grant that we will continue to move on all men of goodwill, and all those who are confronted with oppression in this world will move on with this method. Not with the method of violence, not with the method of retaliatory violence, not with any method that seeks to retaliate, but the method that seeks to redeem.” – MLK, 1956