Join us digitally for 15 minutes of prayer together:

Link to  9-9:15 am EST prayer:

Link to 12-12:15 pm EST prayer:

Link to 9-9:15 pm EST prayer:

At ECV, we believe in a living and active God who works for our good. Prayer is one way we connect with that God, and we believe that prayer changes things!

Given the threat of COVID-19 across the globe and our own national efforts for Fifteen Days to Slow the Spread, ECV wants to prompt all churches, all Jesus followers, and anyone curious about the power of prayer to join in praying against the spread of this virus for the next fifteen days using a different prayer prompt each day.

15 Days. 15 minutes of Prayer. 3 Corporate Opportunities to Pray a Day. 

Feel free to pray on your own and in your own rhythm. However, we’re excited that we will also have Zoom prayer calls three times a day for the next 15 days: 9-9:15am, 12-12:15pm, and 9-9:15pm. Join for one, two, or all three calls. This mirrors the Daily Office or Divine Hours that many Christians have prayed throughout the years. These are extraordinary times. Let’s lean into an extraordinary God and ask for healing, unity, and an eradication of COVID-19 in our communities.