Pastor of Spirit and Word

Todd was born and raised in northeast Ohio, but his modest height and relative lack of speed, strength, and agility set him on a different path than his fellow West Akronite, 4-time NBA MVP LeBron James. Raised Catholic (of the post-Vatican II sort that might include a John Denver song at your baptism), Todd fell in as a University of Chicago undergrad with a group of folks who thought that God spoke to them and healed people (among other things), which he thought he should probably investigate, and soon found himself helping to plant the Hyde Park Vineyard. He’s been in the Vineyard ever since.

Todd did an M.Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary, following which he moved to New Haven where he met his now-wife Michelle in a homegroup that would later grow into the Elm City Vineyard. After a short stint on the staff of the then-NYC Vineyard, Todd followed Michelle to San Diego to marry her, tutor students at City College, make sausage, and eat fish tacos. They returned to New Haven just in time for the launch of the Elm City Vineyard as Todd started a Ph.D. program in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at Union Theological Seminary in New York, a program (successfully) concluded approximately a decade later with three kiddos added along the way.

Todd is a founding steering committee member of the Society of Vineyard Scholars and has served in a wide range of ministries over the life of ECV. He joined the pastoral staff in 2019 with a focus on YDS students and others pursuing theological education and vocational discernment in and around the Vineyard and oversees ECV’s prayer ministry and prophetic teams, among other things.

Though Todd has lived on the East Coast for more than 20 years now, he can’t bring himself to root for one of those regularly successful, big payroll teams in New York or Boston. He still follows his beloved Cleveland Guardians and Cavaliers and has, in his middle age, exchanged one sort of football fandom for another and adopted a Premier League team (YNWA). Todd loves reading, hiking, and shouting encouragingly at his children’s baseball, basketball, and soccer games.