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The last three weeks we have dug into the work of communion. It’s not simply going to the table to receive a wafer and some juice. At the table, we declare our need for Jesus’ body and blood. We receive His presence. At the table, we declare that we are people in need of service and care. We receive the humble cleansing work of God that releases us to do that humble cleansing work in the world and in our worlds. At the table, we declare that we share food (our communion meal) with family and our family is the whole of the Church and the world in which we live. We receive commands from Jesus and discernment about how to love our neighbor well, how to feast with our neighbors, particularly those who are hungry and isolated. This week at our last outdoor gatherings, BYG leaders and Josh will close our series sharing how communion invites us to declare that Christ can be found everywhere in the broken bread and how Jesus’ invitation to the table is an invitation to a life of noticing God and abiding with God.