Before Jesus started working from home, he told his disciples to shelter in place in their city and to wait for the Spirit to come. This is the part of the story we’re in as we near the celebration of Pentecost, the coming of the Spirit, this Sunday. As we live with a quarantine, we might begin to see Pentecost Sunday with new eyes. 50 days after Easter, the joy of Jesus’ resurrections seems a bit far off. The disciples are waiting around in an upper room together. Each day must have felt achingly familiar. Still, no Jesus in the flesh. Still, no awareness of the Spirit. Then, the Spirit came and the world was never the same. Repentance, salvation, radical community, miracles, tensions within the Church, persecution, and a great flourishing of authentic Jesus following — all while Jesus remains in heaven. This time, Jesus is working through the Church in the power of the God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit. This is still our story.  As we wait for Pentecost Sunday, how are we waiting for the Spirit? What do we want to change? Here Josh explores these questions and we’ll pray a powerful and ancient prayer together: come, Holy Spirit.