Our next action is a Spooky Outreach against Ghost Guns

Our church will raise awareness in a creative way over the Halloween weekend about the danger of ghost gun. We will do this in the Westville neighborhood at the Edgewood Farmers Marker from 10am-1pm on 10/30 and at our church, the corner of College & Elm, at 3:30 – 5:30, next Monday. Email peace@elmcityvineyard.org for more info.

For more info on our last action read below!

53 homicides since 2020 is too many.

The blood cries out, and a growing collective is responding to bloodshed with nonviolence. The work of nonviolence is actively putting ourselves in the way of conflict for the sake of a growing peace that we hope someday will include our enemies. It is time in our city to cry for peace.

On 9/24, we proclaimed and demonstrated our hope for peace in New Haven by holding a march against gun violence in the seven different places where there has been a homicide in 2022. It culminated with a rally on the Green where we shared our concrete asks for our city to join us in lament, celebration, and four policy-related asks we believe can bring peace to our city.

These four policy related asks are for 1) more funding for youth and mental health services for people aged 18-35 2) community gun buyback programs 3) legislation against ghost guns and 4) more opportunities for community to engage the police while they are unarmed.

Have a question? E-mail josh@elmcityvineyard.org. Are you a family member of someone who has been killed or impacted by violence? Please contact Josh if you’d like to become part of this campaign.