What if God is real?

In many ways, this is the question that orients our community: What if God is real? What if God heals? What if God is at work in our world? What if God loves our city of New Haven? What if God is passionate about relating to people? What if God is passionate about me? 

These are big questions. ECV is a community where we're exploring these questions together.

Many of us have experienced an answer to these questions: the activity and love of God in our lives healing us, transforming us, giving us courage. Many of us are still seeking. Many of us are pursuing life with a living God. All of us are learning about following Jesus.



As friendly as most churches hope to be, it still can be a little frightening visiting a church for the first time. We've done our best to make the Elm City Vineyard as "user-friendly" as possible, whatever your background – whether you're a longtime church attendee or this is your first time giving it a try. And if church is a new thing for you, you should know you're not alone; a healthy percentage of the people you'll see if you visit were not regular church attendees before joining in with us.

Here's a quick primer to help get you acquainted with our sunday gatherings:

Basic Info: We meet on Sundays at 4pm (ok, more like 4:05) at First and Summerfield UMC
(On the corner of College and Elm Street in New Haven, CT)

Parking: There is street parking on Elm St. in front of the church. If that is full, there is plenty of street parking on College street (free on Sundays). Also, there is free parking at the Yale Temple Street Parking Lot - located between Wall and Elm Streets.

Kids: We have Nursery Care and Sunday School for children ages 6 months–14 years old. We have designed special programs just for them that happen concurrently with the main 4:00 worship gathering. The children (0–8th grade) meet downstairs in the Fellowship Hall after the first song of the worship gathering. Your kids are welcome to join you in the main worship gathering as well.


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