Home Groups  

Home groups meet regularly to worship, pray and share life together. They are a great place to go deeper with others in pursuit of God. The home groups below are always open to newcomers, so feel free to reach out to the leaders of these groups for more information.

We have a handful of new groups beginning in fall 2022. The details of these gatherings will be updated in the next few weeks. We hope you'll join us!

Tuesdays, weekly, 6:00-7:30pm (includes dinner). At the church (FSUMC). Led by Mandi and Jesse Mangler, Emily and Teddy Ray, and Vas and Luda Matsyuk. After dinner together, adults and kids split up for separate home groups while our Roots youth ministry happens at the same time. For more information, contact patrick@elmcityvineyard.org.

Wednesdays, weekly, 7:00-8:30pm. Led by Sang and Charmain Yun, Patrick Dunn, Giselle Gaytán, and Seamus Herriman. For more information, contact patrick@elmcityvineyard.org.

Thursdays, weekly, 7:30-9:30pm. Hosted and led by Josh and Tina Williams, Robb and Asha Evans, and Sinclair Williams. For more information, contact josh@elmcityvineyard.org.

Affinity groups

In different seasons, affinity groups gather around a shared passion, gifting, or story that they want to explore together more deeply.

Nonviolence Group, currently meeting on Mondays at 8pm. New Haven. Led by Josh Williams. ECV's nonviolence group is a place to learn about, reflect on, and put into practice core principles of Christian nonviolence. If you are looking for a new way to understand and address the violence afflicting our city and the forms of violence that intersect with our lives on a regular basis, come join us. For more information, contact kimberly.espinal@yale.edu

Artists’ Circle, 2nd Monday of every month, 8pm. 42 Hobart St., New Haven. Led by Moriah Felder and Tina Colón Williams. Artist Circle is a space for creatives of all varieties to cultivate creativity in community. The structure is simple: 1) bring something you've made & share it with the group; 2) choose something someone else shared as a prompt & make something new for a little while; 3) come back together and share the new thing you've made with the group. Whether you are pursuing art as your primary vocation or you simply enjoy dabbling in artistic things from time to time, you are welcome to this space. Singers, poets, painters, tap-dancers, crocheters, etc. of all ages and skill levels are invited. Come make art with us!

Rooted (New course beginning Sept. 26!) An 8-week course focused on learning to live a richer and more fruitful spiritual life with deeper roots in God’s love and mercy.  Click here to hear a few ECVers who did the course in spring 2021 share about their experience of Rooted and the impact it's had on their lives. For more information, email Pastor Bill.

Topical groups

Some of our groups meet for only a few weeks or months to study and pray over a particular topic. Our recurring topical groups include:

Alpha, a 10-week course for folks to learn more about Jesus and faith. For more information, contact josh@elmcityvineyard.org

Listen, a five-week group focused on learning how to be effective listeners, both to God and each other. We spend time learning to listen to God through meditating on Scripture as well as sitting in silence. The group also learns practical skills to help us listen to those around us, with time each week spent practicing listening to each other. The book Hearing Beyond Words by Emma Justice is a resource for the group but doesn't have to be purchased. For more information, email Pastor Bill.

For more information on any of these groups or other opportunities to connect at ECV, email our associate pastor, Patrick (patrick@elmcityvineyard.org). 

Book Clubs, Workshops, & Learning Cohorts
At any given time, there are a few groups gathered to go deeper in a topic, read and discuss different books together, or do workshops that are relevant to our discipleship and our understanding of what it means to follow Jesus in our time and place.



Nonviolence Campaign Meeting - Mondays, 8pm at 42 Hobart St, New Haven (with a hybrid option on Zoom).  Nonviolence as Jesus articulates is an ancient path that folks have picked up time and time again for present difficulty. This was true of Gandhi, MLK, Cesar Chavez, and more. As an ECV friend & Vineyard Pastor, Ted Kim, recently said at our 2021 national conference, "God's work in history doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme." I think nonviolence is a powerful rhyme for our times. Come learn and explore more.


If you would like to learn more about groups currently happening or about future opportunities to join a book discussion, a workshop, or a learning cohort, contact our staff (patrick@elmcityvineyard.org).

“I remember thinking, ‘seriously God, I just can’t do this…’ I asked my homegroup to pray and they did… It may sound small, but in this season of my life it was an amazing expression of God’s mercy and love for me. The love and power of Jesus was evident in the members of ECV during that time. I truly saw the mercy and kindness of God.”