Homegroups are central places of connection in our church—where we get to know each other, pray for each other, worship, and read the Bible together. They are great places to get connected and plugged in to life together.


Mondays | 7:30PM
47 Dyer St., New Haven
Led by Hannah and Matt Croasmun, LaQruishia Gill
laqruishia.gill@gmail.com | (469) 867-6957‬

Tuesdays | 7:30PM
426 Prospect St. #4, New Haven
Led by Moriah Felder and Stacy Uchendu
moriah.felder@yale.edu | (757) 362-8646

Neighboring Homegroup | Tuesdays | 6:00PM (DINNER INCLUDED)
71 Stonewall Dr, Hamden
Led by Mandi and Jesse Mangler
mandimangler@gmail.com | (908) 892-8093

Thursdays | 6:30PM (DINNER INCLUDED)
290 Fountain St., New Haven
Led by Ellie and Ryan Ramsey, Todd Kennedy
ryan.ramsey@yale.edu | (865) 603-4275

Wednesdays | 7:00PM
42 Hobart St, New Haven
Led by Shirley Kuang, Lydia Kwarteng, Ndubisi Okeke, and Josh and Tina Williams
shirleykuang95@gmail.com | (516) 450-8034

Grad Student Group | Mondays | 7:00PM
182 Mansfield St., New Haven
Led by Ryan Stewart and Gabe Kepler
ryanmcstew@gmail.com | (719) 332-2765

Twice a Month

Couples Group | Thursdays | 7:30PM
78 Luciani Rd., Woodbridge
Led by Ryan and Heidi McAnnally-Linz
heidi.linz@gmail.com| (203) 974-2964

Hamden Mom's Group | Thursdays | 7:45PM
65 Spring Garden St., Hamden
Led by Alison Eitel
alisoneitel@gmail.com | (609) 529-2019

New Haven Mom's Group | 2nd & 4th Mondays | 7:30PM
54 Diamond St., New Haven
Led by Asha Evans and Katie Darr
asha@elmcityvineyard.org | (203) 543-3758

Dad's Group | 1st & 3rd Mondays | 7:30PM
262 Oliver Rd., NEW HAVEN
Led by Aaron Huberty
aaron.huberty@gmail.com | (203) 710-9099

Family Group | Thursdays | 5:30 PM
65/71 Spring Garden St., Hamden
Led by Alicia and John Pittard
apittard@gmail.com | (806) 382-7898

Sunday Brunch | 1st and 3rd Sundays | 10:30AM
25 Oak Hill Ln., Woodbridge
Led by Katie and Ryan Darr, Hannah Riad, and Kyanna Joseph
katherine.darr@gmail.com | (203) 584-5218



Artists’ Circle | FIRST MONDAYS | 7:00PM
80 Howe St., Apt. 601, New Haven
Led by Luke Stringer
luke.stringer@yale.edu | ‭(918) 277-5853‬

Kensington Group | Last Fridays | 6:00 PM (DINNER INCLUDED)
167 Edgewood Ave. 1ST FL, New Haven
Led by Daniel Song and Flo Hsiao
daniel.singa.song@gmail.com | (858) 527-8801

“I remember thinking, ‘seriously God, I just can’t do this…’ I asked my homegroup to pray and they did… It may sound small, but in this season of my life it was an amazing expression of God’s mercy and love for me. The love and power of Jesus was evident in the members of ECV during that time. I truly saw the mercy and kindness of God.”