In this time of COVID-19, ECV is committed to be creative in how we meet together. Our efforts to walk, Zoom, and gather in affinity group is a simple offering for us to be together even in this challenging times.

Have other ideas for community in this time? E-mail our Associate Pastor,

Home Groups

How the Bible Actually Works Home Group - A group going through the video series based on Peter Enn’s book “How the Bible Actually Works” together - Led by Seamus Herriman ( - Tuesdays at 7:00 pm on Zoom

Summer Home Group - In our summer series, we’re beholding God’s kingdom at work, this group will be a space to talk about where we see God’s kingdom in scripture and in our lives. Thursday at 7:30pm - In-person at 38 Woodin St, Hamden. Email Patrick Dunn for more (

Occasional Groups

In addition to regular meet-ups on Zoom, we have some groups that are continuing to organize occasional get-togethers virtually or in person. Please contact their leaders for more information.

Dad's Group, Led by Aaron Huberty (

Mom's Group, Led by Alison Eitel and Asha Evans (

Hamden Family Group, Led by Alison Eitel (

Artists' Circle, Led by Luke Stringer (

Book Clubs, Workshops, & Learning Cohorts

At any given time, there are a few groups gathered to go deeper in a topic, read and discuss different books together, or do workshops that are relevant to our discipleship and our understanding of what it means to follow Jesus in our time and place. If you would like to learn more about groups currently happening or about future opportunities to join a book discussion, a workshop, or a learning cohort, contact our staff (

“I remember thinking, ‘seriously God, I just can’t do this…’ I asked my homegroup to pray and they did… It may sound small, but in this season of my life it was an amazing expression of God’s mercy and love for me. The love and power of Jesus was evident in the members of ECV during that time. I truly saw the mercy and kindness of God.”