At ECV, we have a number of initiatives to help you get through this COVID season that we are in.

The 8:46

We are meeting at 8:46 am & pm everyday for digital prayer gatherings where we will cry out to God about the racism and injustice around us.

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ECV Helps

At ECV we have ways for you to reach out for assistance, give to meet needs, and serve in this time of pandemic. Reach out to our Associate Pastor, Patrick Dunn for more about ECV Helps. Also, we have a document that we have put together for you to discern how to serve in this season and beyond. The link to the document is below.

Email Patrick at

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Join our Spiritual Formation Pastor, Bill Elander, and his wife Lainie as they lead us through spiritual practices to further root us in our relationship with Jesus on facebook live in at 11:00 am on Saturday.

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Share With One

We are challenging our church to share one or more pieces of ECV media with a loved one.

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Jubilee at Elm City Vineyard & Beyond

We are challenging our people to be a part of an initiative called Jubilee, where we will give and work towards goals as a church. To learn more about this week’s cause, reach out to our Good News and Social Engagement Pastor, Deniqua.

Email Deniqua at