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Josh Williams

Josh, originally from Iowa, moved to New Haven for…

Asha Evans

A Californian by birth, Asha is delighted to finally…

Patrick Dunn

Patrick is a proud native of Indiana, corn’s true…

Koritha de Leon

Koritha hails from the Bay Area and has a…

Matt Croasmun

Matt and his wife Hannah, along with Caleb and…

Tina Williams

Tina originally hails from Jacksonville, FL. Since moving to…


ECV's elders serve the church through providing long-range leadership, vision-casting, and planning. These are folks praying for our community (that means you!); please take some time, too, to pray for them as they help us discern God's voice leading us as a community. Have a question? E-mail

Our Elders are: Matt Croasmun, Robb Evans, Stephanie Goins, Alicia Pittard, Katie Smith, Josh Williams

Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care team shepherds pastoral care at ECV by training and equipping leaders, responding to crises and overwhelming circumstances, and fostering healthy relationships. The team provides group workshops as well as prayer and counseling for individuals and couples. Want to chat with some from the pastoral care team? Email

Patrick Dunn, Asha and Robb Evans, Jillian Huberty, Heidi and Ryan McAnnally-Linz, Ethan Smith, and Josh Williams serve on the pastoral care team.

Teaching Team

While there are more than these folks who teach at ECV, these are the folks you're most likely to find teaching. Got a question/comment for this week's teacher? Email

Matt Croasmun, Patrick Dunn, Asha Evans, Josh and Tina Williams serve on the teaching team.

Worship Leaders

Our worship leaders are a critical part of our community, leading us into the presence of God (mostly) through song. 

LaQruishia Gill, John Hodges, and Tina Williams serve as worship leaders.